NeoVolta in the News

NeoVolta in the News

NeoVolta’s Backup System Saves MDX Labs’ Lifesaving Medications During Multiple Grid Outages

May 9, 2023/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Approved for Partnership by GoodLeap, the Top U.S. Financer for Solar and Sustainable Tech

May 4, 2023/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Selected to Provide American Development Partners with Energy Storage for More Than 400 Regenerative Treatment Centers

March 14, 2023/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta NV14 Recognized by Solar Power World as a Top Solar Storage Product of 2022

February 28, 2023/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Poised for California’s NEM Incentives to Pair Solar with Battery Storage

January 26, 2023/by NeoVolta

Ageless Dental has selected NeoVolta to be Included into the Design and Build of all of Their Nationwide Clinics

January 25, 2023/by NeoVolta

EOS Linx Increases EV Chargers by 2600% in Second Year, Plans to Deploy Mobile App in 2023

December 23, 2022/by Rob

NeoVolta Selected by American Development Partners for Nationwide Integration

October 4, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Systems to be Deployed in EOS Linx EV Charging Stations at Major Hotel Brand

September 27, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Systems to be Deployed in EOS Linx EV Charging Stations at Select National Gas Locations

September 7, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Energy Storage Systems Eligible for 30% in Tax Credits Under the $369 Billion Climate Spending Package

August 23, 2022/by NeoVolta

EOS Linx Selects NeoVolta as its Battery Supplier for EOS Charge Station Deployments through 2023

August 11, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Announces Closing of Underwriters’ Option to Purchase Additional Shares of Common Stock in Connection with its Underwritten Public Offering

August 5, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Adds $555,700 in Purchase Orders

August 3, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Announces Pricing of $3.9 Million Public Offering Priced at a Premium to Market and Uplisting to Nasdaq

July 27, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Listed as One of the Most Affordable Residential Energy Storage Systems by EnergySage

April 12, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta’s 6,000-Cycle Home Solar Battery Receives UL 9540A Safety Certification

March 22, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Receives Purchase Orders of $575,900

March 1, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta NV14 Recognized by Solar Power World as a Top Solar Storage Product of 2021

February 8, 2022/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta CEO Brent Willson Interviewed by Investor Podcast “Freelancer Finance”

November 30, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Expands to Colorado, Fourteenth-Ranked State in Solar Capacity

October 26, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Posts Revenue Increase of 139% for Year Ended June 30, 2021

October 12, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Expands to Texas, One of the Fastest-Growing Solar Capacity States

October 5, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Secures Five-Year Supply Agreement with Inverter Manufacturer

September 21, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta’s Energy Storage Systems Qualify for California’s SGIP Rebate

September 10, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Posts Revenue Increase of 193% for Nine-Month Period Ending March 31, 2021

June 28, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Increases Battery Life from 10.95 Years to 16.5 Years

June 2, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta’s New Patent-Pending Technology Provides an Additional Power Option During Grid Outages

April 20, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta’s Purchase Orders from PMP Energy Reach $1,327,339

April 13, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Partners with Sungage Financial to Provide Homeowners with Affordable Purchasing Options

April 6, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Posts Revenue Increase of 213% for Six-Month Period Ending December 31, 2020

March 30, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Expands to Dedicated Production Facility

March 9, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta at the Forefront of Solar Battery Safety with Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology: A Safer Alternative to Lithium Ion

March 2, 2021/by NeoVolta

Extreme Weather Cripples Grid, Highlighting the Need for Residential Energy Storage

February 23, 2021/by NeoVolta

With One of the Largest Inverters in Its Class, the NeoVolta 7680-Watt Inverter Gives Homeowners Flexible Backup Options

February 16, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta’s Energy Storage Systems Can Connect to Any Residential Solar System

February 9, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta NV14 Named a Solar Power World Top Storage Product of 2020

February 2, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Continues Growth Expansion with Recent Launch in Utah

January 21, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta’s Brent Willson Talks Clean Energy and More with The Wall Street Resource

January 19, 2021/by NeoVolta

General James F. Amos, USMC (Ret.) Former Chairman of LORD Corp., Joins NeoVolta Board of Directors

January 12, 2021/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Expands to Arizona, Fifth-Ranked State in Solar Capacity

December 29, 2020/by NeoVolta

Nevada Energy, Powering 1.4 Million Residents, Approves NeoVolta for Grid Interconnection

December 16, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta’s Purchase Orders from PMP Energy Reach $902,339

December 8, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta NV24’s Unique Design Provides Consumers with Low Cost Per Kilowatt-Hour

November 18, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta NV14 Outshines the Competition with Safety, Performance and Compatibility

November 11, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Announces 211% Quarter-On-Quarter Increase in First Quarter 2021 Revenues

November 9, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Adds 34 Dealers In Nations Leading Solar Producing State, California

October 28, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Announces Generator Integration Capabilities

September 29, 2020/by NeoVolta

CBS News San Diego Highlights NeoVolta’s Patent Pending Smart Energy Technology

September 15, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Completes $473,000 in Orders of Patent-Pending Energy Storage Systems to PMP Energy

September 1, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Customers Keep the Lights On During California’s Rolling Blackouts

August 20, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Receives California Energy Commissions Smart Grid Approval

August 18, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Announces Exclusive Distributor Agreement with PMP Energy

August 12, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Expands to San Francisco and Sacramento After Successful Pilot Program

June 23, 2020/by NeoVolta

SolarTech Energy Systems Joins NeoVolta Elite Dealer Network

June 15, 2020/by NeoVolta

CEO of Pegasus Group, Dan Briggs, Joins NeoVolta Board of Advisors

June 10, 2020/by NeoVolta

Tigo Energy Certifies NeoVolta NV14 Energy Storage System for Interoperability

June 3, 2020/by NeoVolta

Former Kyocera President David Grooms Joins NeoVolta Board of Advisors

May 27, 2020/by NeoVolta

California Approves NeoVolta’s NV24 Solar Battery for Consumer Rebate

May 20, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Continues Safe Installation of Solar Storage Systems

May 6, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Helps Homeowners Prepare for the Unexpected

March 25, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Energy Storage Systems Making a Positive Impact on the Environment

March 11, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Production Facility Ready for Bloomberg’s 2020 Forecast of Home Solar Battery Sales

March 4, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Spotlighted in San Diego Business Journal

February 26, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Featured on CBS News Channel 8 San Diego

February 19, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta NV24 Battery Delivers Value to California Homeowners

February 6, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta CEO Featured in Greentech Media

January 31, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Introduces Higher-Capacity NV24 Home Solar Battery System

January 29, 2020/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Poised for Dramatic Growth in Home Energy Storage Demand

January 24, 2020/by NeoVolta

Five Things You Should Know When Buying a Home Solar Battery System

January 14, 2020/by NeoVolta

The Decade Ahead for Residential Solar Storage in California

January 7, 2020/by NeoVolta

All I Want for the Holidays is Affordable and Reliable Clean Energy

December 20, 2019/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta NV14 Named a Solar Power World Top Solar Storage Product for 2019

December 16, 2019/by NeoVolta

U.S. Home Energy Storage Market Achieves Record Growth in Third Quarter 2019

December 2, 2019/by NeoVolta

Large-Scale Power Shutoffs Have Californians Switching to Solar Battery Storage

November 25, 2019/by NeoVolta

Why Solar Panels Alone Can’t Protect Homeowners from Grid Outages

November 18, 2019/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta (OTCQB: NEOV) Becomes First Lithium Iron Phosphate Energy Storage System Approved by California Energy Commission

November 11, 2019/by NeoVolta

Can You Survive on Just Solar and Batteries during a Prolonged Grid Outage?

November 4, 2019/by NeoVolta

“Unacceptable”: Major Failures During Planned Grid Outages Spark Public Outrage

October 28, 2019/by NeoVolta

Solar Panel Homeowners Targeted by California Utilities

October 21, 2019/by NeoVolta

California Braces for Unprecedented Power Shutdowns as Wildfires Threaten

October 15, 2019/by NeoVolta

California Utilities Commission Approves 5.7% Hike for SDG&E

October 7, 2019/by NeoVolta

California Now Has More Than 1 Million Rooftop Solar Installations

September 30, 2019/by NeoVolta

Keeping the Lights On in California Homes

September 23, 2019/by NeoVolta

SoCal Edison, Powering 14 Million People, Approves NeoVolta NV14 for Grid Interconnection

September 16, 2019/by NeoVolta

Homeowner Slashes Power Consumption by Half with Energy Storage System Install

September 9, 2019/by NeoVolta

SDG&E Pushing to Raise Customers’ Minimum Monthly Bill 280%

September 3, 2019/by NeoVolta

Energy Regulator Warns of Lithium Ion Batteries’ “Unacceptable Risks”

August 26, 2019/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta’s NV14 Operates with Both AC and DC Solar Systems, Even Simultaneously

August 19, 2019/by NeoVolta

What PG&E’s Looming $30 Billion Bankruptcy Could Mean for California Ratepayers

August 12, 2019/by NeoVolta

California 2020 Building Codes Requiring Solar On All New Homes Could Create Battery Energy Storage Shortage

August 5, 2019/by NeoVolta

Why Californians Pay 50% More for Grid Power than the National Average

July 29, 2019/by NeoVolta

Energy Storage’s Dirty Little Secret: Cobalt

July 22, 2019/by NeoVolta

Utilities Lobbying to Eliminate Solar Net Metering

July 10, 2019/by NeoVolta

As the West Coast Goes Dark This Summer, NeoVolta Launches Blackout Tracker

July 1, 2019/by NeoVolta

SDG&E, Powering 3.6 Million People, Approves NeoVolta NV14 for Grid Interconnection

June 25, 2019/by NeoVolta

Cyberattacks Now Number One Threat to California Power Grid

June 18, 2019/by NeoVolta

California Utilities Warn of Blackouts During Wildfire Season

June 12, 2019/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Ramps Production Capability to 10,000+ Home Energy Storage Systems Per Year

June 6, 2019/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Home Energy Storage Battery Approved for California’s $830 Million Self-Generation Incentive Program

May 28, 2019/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Selects the Safety Benefits of Lithium-Iron Batteries Over Lithium-Ion Chemistry

May 22, 2019/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta’s Home Battery Approved for Energy Storage on California’s Electricity Grid

May 15, 2019/by NeoVolta

NeoVolta Closes Oversubscribed IPO

May 8, 2019/by NeoVolta